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16 ottobre 2017

Zu - Bromio #1999

ZU, an all-instrumental Italian band (Massimo Pupillo on bass, Jacopo Battaglia on drums, Luca Mai on saxophone, and, on the first album, Roy Paci on trumpet), played some of the most adventurous post-rock music at the turn of the century, occasionally evoking the legendary LAST EXIT with Sharrock's guitar replaced by Pupillo's bass.

They fine-tuned their aesthetics through a series of theatrical soundtracks ("Vladimir Majakovskj", "Il Funambolo", "Histoire du Rock'n'Roll", "Octavia") and eventually debuted with Bromio (Wide, 1999) in a wild, loud and fast style that harked back to the heydays of jazzcore (SACCHARINE TRUST, UNIVERSAL CONGRESS, THE EX). They simultaneously sprayed bits of funk onto their convoluted mix in the manner of THE CONTORTIONS (Detonatore) and launched into gargantuan free-jazz fanfares (Xenitis, Asmodeo). Their tone runs the gamut from brainy (the hiccupping Testa di cane) to droll (the vaudeville-like Zu circus). The interplay is both geometrical and intricate, as best displayed in the frenzied Erotomane. While most compositions stick to a unitary core with little or no movement, La grande madre delle bestie ends the album with a transition from chaotic partying to melancholy introspection. Each of these short pieces is a strike at the core of prog-rock. By the standards of jazz-rock, this is harsh and jarring music.


01. Detonatore
02. Xenitis
03. Testa di cane
04. Paonazzi
05. Zu circus
06. Asmodeo
07. Cane maggiore
08. Epidurale
09. Villa Belmonte
10. Erotomane
11. La grande madre delle bestie


15 ottobre 2017

Bologna Violenta - Uno bianca #2014

Uno bianca is the fourth BOLOGNA VIOLENTA's full lenght album, out on February 2014 thanks to Woodworm, Wallace Records and Dischi Bervisti.
This concept album is based on the crimes of the “Banda della Uno Bianca”, a gang formed by five policemen and a civilian operating in the Bologna area (from 1987 to 1994), which made more than hundred crimes, killing twenty four people and wounding more than hundred.
The gang's name is taken from the type of car used for the crimes, a white Fiat Uno, very popular in Italy in those years.
The gang, led by Savi brothers, has always been known for the brutality of its operations that didn't save the lives of those who was between criminals and their purpose. The album goes over twenty-seven steps in its criminal history, a sort of imaginary soundtrack of the gang's worst crimes against gas stations, motorway tollbooths, banks and supermarkets.
Uno bianca is characterized by extreme sounds, made even more dramatic by the massive use of string orchestras. The song form is completely abandoned, the track structures are modeled on the progress of events, as reported by the procedural acts.
BOLOGNA VIOLENTA wants to pay homage to the city of Bologna, telling through music one of his most violent stories ever. He does it with an extremely dark album, in which the death bell rings to remember the tragedy and madness of those times.



01. 19 giugno 1987 - Pesaro: rapina casello A-14   
02. 31 agosto 1987 - San Lazzaro di Savena (Bo): rapina casello A-14
03. 3 ottobre 1987 - Cesena: tentata estorsione
04. 30 gennaio 1988 - Rimini: rapina supermercato Coop
05. 19 febbraio 1988 - Casalecchio di Reno (Bo): rapina supermercato Coop
06. 20 aprile 1988 - Castelmaggiore (Bo): attacco pattuglia Carabinieri
07. 19 settembre 1988 - Forlì: rapina supermercato Coop
08. 26 giugno 1989 - Bologna: rapina supermercato Coop
09. 15 gennaio 1990 - Bologna: rapina ufficio postale
10. 6 ottobre 1990 - Bologna: rapina tabaccheria
11. 10 dicembre 1990 - Bologna: assalto campo Rom
12. 22 dicembre 1990 - Bologna: attacco lavavetri extracomunitari
13. 23 dicembre 1990 - Bologna: assalto campo Rom
14. 27 dicembre 1990 - Castelmaggiore (Bo): rapina distributore
15. 4 gennaio 1991 - Bologna: attacco pattuglia Carabinieri
16. 20 aprile 1991 - Bologna: rapina distributore
17. 30 aprile 1991 - Rimini: attacco pattuglia Carabinieri
18. 2 maggio 1991 - Bologna: rapina armeria Volturno
19. 19 giugno 1991 - Cesena: rapina distributore
20. 18 agosto 1991 - San Mauro a Mare (Fc): agguato auto senegalesi
21. 28 agosto 1991 - Gradara (Ps): scontro a fuoco con due poliziotti
22. 24 febbraio 1993 - Zola Predosa (Bo): rapina banca
23. 7 ottobre 1993 - Riale (Bo): rapina banca
24. 3 marzo 1994 - Bologna: rapina banca
25. 24 maggio 1994 - Pesaro: rapina banca
26. 21 ottobre 1994 - Bologna: rapina banca
27. 29 marzo 1998 - Rimini: suicidio Giuliano Savi


8 ottobre 2017

Lightning Bolt - John Peel session #2004

Easily the best release from this band, as it's basically better versions of all their best songs. It was from a show in early 2005, so it's between Wonderful rainbow and Hypermagic mountain, and you can hear how there's early versions of a few Hypermagic mountain songs on here (tracks 2, 5, and the ending of track 4).

The studio albums have a hard time capturing them with this kind of intensity. Brian and Brian add so much more energy to the tracks in the live setting than they could ever possibly do in the studio. The climaxes are all amplified and songs flow into each other seamlessly in perfect fashion, often while they are in full noisy apocalypse mode. You can hear just how many hours these two guys have obviously been jamming together to become this tight with each other.



01. Intro
02. 2 morro morro land
03. On fire
04. Dracula mountain
05. Dead cowboy
06. 30000 monkies
07. Rotator


4 ottobre 2017

Squadra Omega - Materia Oscura #2017

SQUADRA OMEGA is one of the bands which best represents the vast spectrum of the Italian underground. Psychedelic, avant-garde, jazz-rock, improvisation, kraut-rock, rock in opposition and ethno-tribalism blend seamlessly into the work of a collective that moves and expands depending on the urgency of the moment, focused around a core that rotates around the two members OmegaMatt and OmegaG8. In the band's wide discography we find compositional freedom, improvised jam-sessions in and a amplitude of references, all of which move between different spaces and times.

Materia Oscura (Dark matter) offers a glimpse at the same time the soil of the "rock" matter as well as the alien, seen from multiple points of view, neighbors and materials distant and mysterious. Three tracks that stretch their eyes at Orient or Africa as well as into the depths of the cosmos, landing on the side of the art-rock of the '70s and towards some psychedelic, visionary, cinematic drives then explode into a real ecstatic trip. Inputs from Coltrane, Canterburian jazz-rock, GRATEFUL DEAD and Synthy-Space views are melted into free-form landings until they discover their own personal form of prog. Different Universes collide and coexist in the band in a constant mutation, maintaining faith in one single ideal: "music for the third eye”.


01. Massa mancante
02. Mondo-brana
03. Le oscillazioni dell'universo giovane


21 settembre 2017

Gli Avvoltoi - Questa notte (7") #1987

Il progetto musicale degli AVVOLTOI nasce a Bologna nel 1986, evoluzione diretta dei MISTER MAT & THE BABY'S MIND dei musicisti Claudio Spirogi e Moreno Spirogi, quando con l’abilità tecnica di Umberto Palazzo e godendo della collaborazione, tra gli altri, di Mimo Rash, batterista degli ALLISON RUN, viene registrato il primo singolo della band di stampo puramente beat ed è tale la peculiarità mostrata, che nel 1987 la Toast di Giulio Tedeschi pubblica il loro 7" con il titolo Questa notte, contenente tre brani.



a1. Questa notte

b1. Era un beatnik (LE TESTE DURE cover)
b2. Un uomo rispettabile (THE KINKS/THE POPS cover)


18 settembre 2017

Cannibal Movie - Avorio #2012

Cannibal Movie is a sub genre of exploitation films made mostly by Italian filmmakers through the 1970s and 1980s.
CANNIBAL MOVIE is also a duo from south of Italy, exponents of new italian occult psychedelic scene.
They play drums and an old italian organ and their sound is a mix of obscure psychedelia, hypnotic tribalism and ecstatic magic tunes.


01. Teste mozzate
02. Fame
03. Mangiati vivi!
04. Django
05. Schiave bianche


13 settembre 2017

Zeit - Monument (ep) #2016

ZEIT is a four piece band from Venezia, Italy, who formed in 2014, from the looks of things. ZEIT play a killer style of music that incorporates elements of hardcore, punk, crust, sludge, and grindcore within their sound. Musically, ZEIT can be said to be influenced by bands such as CONVERGE, CURSED, THE SECRET, ROT IN HELL, and other like-minded bands.  Since their inception in 2014, ZEIT have released a two track EP titled Zoe-Bios in May of 2014 and a ten song LP titled The World Is Nothing in November of 2015. Monument is the band's latest four song EP, which was released via Assurd Records, Cave Canem Diy, Dingleberry Records, Dischi Bervisti, Epidemic Records, Icore Produzioni, Indelirium Records, Rip Roaring Shit Storm Records, Shove Records, and Tanato Records on October 29th, 2016. On Monument, ZEIT offer up four tracks of chaotic and volatile sounding hardcore, punk, crust, sludge, and grindcore. Overall, Monument is an amazing EP and should not be missed. Highly recommended! Enjoy!


1. Staring
2. They run in circles
3. Monument
4. The swarm [feat. Nicola Manzan - AT THE GATES cover]


12 settembre 2017

Simbiose - "Fake dimension" #2009

The emperors of metal punk crust (or whatever you call the brutal sound barrier of Symbiose) are back! This is SIMBIOSE's 4th album, one of the most well known and legendary portuguese crust grind bands.
Produced by Ulf Bloomberg (M40, END OF ALL, GRACE WILL FALL) and with special guests like João Gordo (RATOS DE PORÃO), Sofia Loureiro (WE ARE THE DAMNED) and João Ribas (TARA PERDIDA, CENSURADOS, KU DE JUDAS).


01. A solução
02. Obey
03. Auto-estima
04. Sem moral
05. United
06. Suffer inside
07. Intro (our world)
08. Fake dimension
09. I deny
10. Vai para pior
11. Can't understand
12. Gene
13. Evolução é repressão


29 settembre 2016

I Deny - I Deny (7") #1986

casa-lavoro/non per me
famiglia-chiesa/non per me
lavoro-famiglia/non per me
servi&padroni/non per me

non per me!

macchine di lusso/non per me
vestiti alla moda/non per me
vita da playboy/non per me


a1. Anonime persone
a2. Lucidità follia

b1. Non per me
b2. Visioni
b3. Hardcore noise


14 settembre 2016

Solidonulla - Solidonulla (demotape) #1996

Anni '90. Più precisamente 1996.
Hardcore old school suonato da dei 16enni brufolosi, consci di non essere più nella Washington dell'81 ma con quel modello in testa.
Con un nome così, non potevano andare molto lontano.
E difatti si sciolsero poco dopo l'uscita del demo.
Dal vivo erano una manata incredibile.

Questo è un rip da una cassetta, quindi non siate pretenziosi.
La traccia numero 4 ha l'inizio tagliato via.
Grazie Doner per averla recuperata.

via Thrashmaniac 'zine


a1. Via d'uscita
a2. Disagio
a3. Mai schierarsi

b1. Your lies
b2. X
b3. Non voglio


7 settembre 2016

Horror Vacui - In darkness you will feel alright #2012

Second release for this vampire goth punk combo. Featuring members of KONTATTO, CAMPUS STERMINII, GIUDA, HEADED NOWHERE and SUMO, Horror Vacui keep on exploring the dark side of the pentagram. 9 tracks of absolute goth/death rock powered by 101% punk attitude. Fans of BELGRADO, BELLICOSE MINDS, ARCTIC FLOWERS, LOST TRIBES, don't miss the Italian answer to these bands!



a1. Intro/Black rivers
a2. I like it when a soldier dies
a3. Corvus corax
a4. Everytime

b1. In darkness you will feel alright
b2. Yersinia
b3. Arabian spring
b4. Leave me alone
b5. Outro